5 Reasons why Iraya is for you!

The latest cupcake in the beauty industry goes by the name of Ayurveda! Your skin care arsenal is incomplete without it.




Wild Lime Purifying Face Wash


Wild Flower Nourishing Body Lotion

If you too have an affinity towards all things natural, Health & Glow should be your hotspot. Iraya – Pure Ayurveda just launched on Health & Glow and we can’t stop gushing about it. With this, you can take a walk through the gardens from ancient Vedic times.


Mandinta Ubtan

Majishtha Eye Contour Gel

 Prashant Taila

We tell you 5 reasons why you should be stocking up on Iraya –

  1. The Iraya arsenal includes cleansers, toners, creams, oils – all chemical free and taken from traditional Ayurvedic remedies.
  2. Iraya is a powerhouse combination of natural ingredients. The synergy of the herbs used makes the products more effective with long lasting benefits.
  3. The products do not have any synthetic colors. The colors are derived from natural sources like beetroot, turmeric and chlorophyll.
  4. Wildcrafted in the Iraya farm (lush forests situated beside the Gorewada Park), the products are made from the potent herbs rendering them paraffin and silicon-free.
  5. The products have not been tested on animals.

Impressed much? Come enter the Ayurvedic haven at Health & Glow.

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