5 Products That Prepare Your Skin And Hair For Winter

winter skin care

Winter has arrived and so has a completely new set of skin and hair woes. Dry and scaly skin, chapped lips, chaffing, winter rashes, and many more conditions are bound to bother you in the cold season. However, armed with the right products, you can beat these woes like a pro. Here is our pick of top 5 winter products that are a must-have in your drawer and vanity bag.

# 1 – Face moisturiser with sunscreens
No matter its type, your skin is bound to turn dry at some point of time in winter (even more trouble for those with already dry and sensitive skin!) Exactly why you need a nourishing face lotion to protect your skin from the harsh weather. Plus, you’ll need to keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays too. So, pick a moisturising lotion with sun protection benefits that is ideal for your skin type. We recommend Lakme Fruit Moisture Peach Milk Lotion SPF 24. A perfect match for all skin types, this lotion keeps your facial skin well hydrated and restores suppleness even in extreme conditions. Plus you get the added benefit of sun protection too!

# 2 – Moisturising body lotion
Not just your face, but your body too needs a good bout of moisturisation to stay supple and soft. Constant reapplication may be necessary if you are exposed to the cold outside frequently. So, why not pick something that gives you a spillage-free application? Try the new Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser, which saves you the trouble of scooping unhygienically through tubs and squeezing out inappropriate amounts from tubes. The spray bottle comes with a twist lock mechanism, which allows continuous spray motion for even application and a non-messy experience.

# 3 – Tinted lip balm
A lip balm is a must-have in your vanity bag all through the year, even more during the winter season. Give it an upgrade in the cold season, and switch to tinted lip balms instead. Not only do they nourish your lips and prevent chapping, but also give you rosy and dewy pouts to die for. Try Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balm in fruity Mixed Berry, Orange, or Raspberry flavours. Carry them in your vanity bag, and slather them as and when you please. You could also stash an extra or two in your desk drawer or bedside stand!

# 4 – Anti-frizz hair serum
As with your skin, your hair too has its set of troubles in winter. The one thing that you constantly fight with is frizz. Blow drying your hair in winter can be a nightmare. So why not tame them with an anti-frizz hair cream? Try Bblunt’s Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream. It smoothens hair and also protects it from the environment and heat styling damages.

# 5 -Skin oil
Almost any form of moisturiser makes its way into your skin care kit during winter. So, why not try the age-old technique with skin oil? Oil formulations give your skin an extra dose of nourishment, and also offer many other benefits depending on the type of oil you choose. Aroma Magic Beautiful Skin Oil is a wonderful blended-oil recipe that rejuvenates the skin and brings out a beautiful with-in glow. It boasts of several anti-ageing benefits too!

Why wait? Add these essentials to your skin and hair care kit today, and say hello to glowing skin and lustrous locks all through winter, just like that!

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