5 Trendy Haircuts For The Season

5 trendy haircuts for the season

Whether you have really long hair or really short, this season there are styles just for you. The cuts this season are face framing and are meant to enhance the beauty of your bone structure. So here are the 5 styles that have made the cut this time round:

The Pixie
Short, neat and layered – this style lends an elfin charm to the delicate bone structure. With a tousled fringe, it creates a cute, casual persona. The lightly feathered look is ideal for both casual and formal occasions and is very easy to maintain. Just brush your hair and toss your head – you’re good to go!

Or the Long Bob as it is also known is unstructured layers that just about touch your collar bones. Shorter chin length layers frame your face and one longer blunt layer adds volume at the back. The layers are the back are little choppy. This is a great wash-and-wear style and requires minimum effort to look good. Ideal for those with fine hair.

Waves With Tapered Ends
Got thick long hair that’s just below the shoulders, then try the chunky waves that taper down your back. Ask for long layers to frame your face – these should be below your jaw line. This prevents your hair from puffing up around your face, and you can easily tuck the strands behind your ears. At the back ask for very long structured layers that taper into a ‘V’. This enhances wavy hair and gives structure to your natural texture.

Curl Control
Own your curls and ask for just below the shoulder layers. Make sure your stylist keeps the front pieces long and almost touching your collarbones. Ask for long asymmetrical layers at the back so that your curls are defined and set in cascading spirals. Use a wide toothed wooden comb through your hair when wet and then let the curls be.

Long & Sleek
Flaunt your long strands especially if you have straight hair. Get face-framing long layers all around in the top layer of your hair. Then ask for blunt layers at the back to highlight your straight texture.Works well for both fine and thick hair.

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