5 Hair Removal Products That Actually Work


No matter how much we believe in body positivity, the truth of the matter remains that we haven’t quite arrived at a point of liberation where women feel comfortable flaunting their body hair.

Why let your waxing schedules dictate your choice of clothes when you can get rid of them in the comfort of your home? We bring you five hair removal products that can be your go-to hair removal solution for life.

Anne French Shea Surprise Hair Removal Cream 40gm

All Natural Hair Removal Cream
Anne French has really upped its game since its once popular pungent-smelling pink-coloured hair removal cream. Their Shea Surprise Hair Removal Cream is everything you’ve ever wanted a hair removal product to be – it is infused with natural ingredients such as shea butter, green tea, and aloe vera. It is easy to apply and is effective in removing hair from the roots. YLG Institut Slogro Ingrown Hair Concentrate 15ml

Ingrown Hair Remover
Long before the hair growth pops on the skin’s surface, it mars the soft, supple look in the form of unsightly undergrowth. Yes, those dark dots sitting under your pores are the ingrown hair. YLG Institut Slogro Ingrown Hair Concentrate is the perfect solution to rid ingrown hair. The best part about this product is that it can be used on any part of the body – face, arms, legs or any specific areas where you have most ingrown hair. Just apply a layer and gently massage in circular motions until the concentrate has seeped into your skin!

Health & Glow Bikini Razor Pack Of 2

Razor For Bikini Area
This delicate region of your skin needs specific care to keep it clean and hygienic without the risk of cuts and bruises. If you too hate the ordeal of a Brazilian wax, the Health & Glow Bikini Razor might just be the wonder solution you need. Use it on a wet body, moving it against the direction of hair growth, for most effective results.

YLG Institut Pro Gold Glitter Brightening Cold Wax StripsWaxing Strips
For those of you who are fans of the good old waxing technique, because it does offer longevity to your hair-woes-free days like no other, the YLG Institut Gold Glitter Brightening Cold Wax Strips is a great alternative to salon visits on days when you are too pressed for time. Enriched with vitamin E and Argan oil, these strips work well on even the most sensitive skin types and lends a smooth finish and bright glow to your skin.

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator For Women BRE630 00Epilators
Epilators are a one-stop solution for all your hair removal needs and a one-time investment that lasts you a lifetime if you choose the right product. The Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator with six different attachment heads is one such product that can be used to get rid of hair from any part of the body – be it legs, arms, upper lip, sideburns or chin as well as sensitive parts like the armpits. It also comes with both dry and wet settings, which enhances the effectiveness of the epilator depending on the part of the body and the nature of hair growth.

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