5 Face Masks To Try This National Mud Pack Day

September 30 is National Mud Pack Day. It’s a real thing! We promise we didn’t just make it up. As the name suggests, the day is about celebrating mud packs and everything about them. Now, these unique packs may have made a comeback in the beauty world only recently, they have been around for thousands of years. In fact, one of the first recorded uses of clay and Dead Sea mud masks can be traced back to Cleopatra – the Egyptian queen whose fabled beauty remains legendary to this day.

From unclogging pores to detoxifying the skin, alleviating acne, removing dead skin cells and warding off premature ageing, the benefits of mud packs are far-reaching. This National Mud Pack Day, incorporate this extremely effective skin care agent into your regimen with these 5 facial masks:

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Mud Facial Exfoliator
The Renewing Glorious Mud Facial Exfoliator by Beauty Formulas is a non-comedogenic exfoliator made with 100 per cent pure clay. The clay-based facial scrub absorbs dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin and offers deep cleansing to give it a smooth, glowing appearance.

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Dead Sea Mud Pack
Cleopatra’s own beauty secret delivered in modern packaging! That’s reason enough to give this a try. The 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pack by Montagne Jeunesse is a uniquely formulated facial mask loaded with the goodness of Dead Sea minerals. It cleanses the pores from deep within, extracts all the impurities, and helps reduce acne, spots and blemishes to give you an even-toned, clear skin.

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Mud Pack with Green Apple and Rosemary
This mud pack by Mitvana is fortified with natural ingredients like green apple and rosemary, which makes it a potent antibacterial and antifungal potion. It is extremely effective in detoxifying the skin, fighting acne, and also moisturises it in the process. The result? Youthful, taut looking skin that takes the years off you.

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Pure Clay Mask
The detoxifying Pure Clay Mask from L’oreal Paris is formulated with charcoal. It is designed to cleanse pores of deep-seated impurities. At the same time, its non-drying, creamy composition lends your skin a fresh, radiant glow.

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Bio Mud Face Pack
Tapping into the goodness of one of India’s own ancient beauty secrets – the multani mitti – Biotique brings us this revitalising and firming face pack. This mud pack is densely packed with mineral salts that tighten the skin and help fade away signs of ageing. The all natural composition of this pack makes it suitable for all skin types.

So, pick one that works best for your skin’s needs and celebrate this National Mud Pack Day by posting a selfie in your clay-covered faces!

Image Credit: today.com

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