5 Essential Oils For At-Home Aromatherapy

Aroma Therapy

We know that aromatherapy can be used to calm a stressed out mind, soothe a tired body, induce sleep, or even deal with a bad acne attack. But we do not always have the time to rush to a spa to get our dose of aromatherapy. So it is a good idea to keep a few essential aroma oils to try out aromatherapy at home. A few drops of the oil in your bath water are good enough to calm your mind or soothe your body. A drop of the right oil on the acne spot can dry out the zit, or you can even put few drops in a diffuser to create a soothing or energizing ambiance all around you. These oils have been shown to have a major therapeutic effect on the mind and body. So here are five essential oils you can keep in our medicine closet for instant relief.

Lavender: It is a versatile oil that can have many soothing properties. It reduces mental and physical stress and prevents nausea. A few drops in your bath water can relax your body. To get restful sleep at night put few drops on your pillow.

Peppermint: Give your energy levels a boost especially during the mid-day slump with a whiff of this essential oil. It can also be used as a mouthwash when mixed with water. Improves mental alertness. Deal with indigestion by drinking a herbal tea infused with peppermint oil.

Tea tree: Deal with a zit or a painful pimple by applying a drop on the area. Do away itchy scalp and dandruff by applying hair oil mixed with tea tree oil. It is a well-known antiseptic and improves skin’s natural defense system.

Sandalwood: An essential oil with an exotic scent is ideal for relieving tension in your body and improving concentration power. To heal dry skin add a few drops in your body lotion and apply. Your skin will start feeling soft and supple.

Eucalyptus: Deal with an aching body, joints or muscle by massaging the area with eucalyptus-infused oil. It is a well known anti-inflammatory, and also has antimicrobial properties. A few drops on the affected area can cure a toothache. Steaming with eucalyptus oil can cure a cough, chest congestion and help deal with asthma.

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