5 Best Natural And Herbal Products To Harvest This Makar Sankranti

5 Best Natural and Herbal Products to Harvest This Makar Sankranti

After a long spell of bone-chilling winter, the annual festival of Makar Sankranti is upon us to remind us of how the warmth and glow of the sun infuses new rays of life and hope. As you celebrate the advent of longer days, fresh harvest and promises of new beginnings with abundance of gur, til and sweet treats, take this opportunity to revisit your self-care routine with natural and herbal products. We bring you a rundown on 5 best ones from our inventory to start off with:

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Organic Harvest Blush Shine & Glow Cream
This all-natural formulation infused with bearberry, beetroot and iris root extracts is just what you need to rejuvenate that winter-battered skin, alleviate dullness and replenish moisture levels. The cream also lends a natural glow to your face and restores its elasticity. 

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Kairali Moisturizing Body Lotion
Just like your face, the rest of your body too thrives under the goodness of natural elements. The Kairali moisturising lotion, which has been enriched with almond and grape seed extracts, is a perfect example of how the right combination of ingredients can work wonders for your skin. This moisturiser offers deep hydration needed to combat the winter dryness and lends your skin a soft, smooth, glowing appeal. 

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Soultree Kajal
Kohl-laden eyes are the very epitome of sensual beauty. Give this integral element of your beauty regime a healthy twist by switching to a lead-free, Ayurvedic alternative. This Soultree kajal is enriched with ghee and camphor, and thus, acts as a cleansing, cooling agent. It is incredibly soft on the eyes and smooth to apply. 

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Xpel Argan Oil Hair Mask
Argan oil is quite literally a god sent remedy for a host of hair problems. This Xpel hair mark leverages the goodness of this all-natural ingredient and enhances it with keratin proteins to give you hair that is soft to touch, easy to manage and lustrous in appearance. The mask strengthens the hair strands and roots, reduces dryness and frizz and reverses damage to give them a renewed lease of life. 

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ENN Cocoa Mess Face Mask
Enriched with cocoa butter, cocoa and chocolate powder, this creamy skin nourishment face mask is designed to revitalise and repair the cells. It heals the skin from within, offers thorough purification by removing deep-seated dirt, oil and impurities. The result? A marked improvement in texture and appearance. All in all, a bankable solution for radiant, resplendent skin. 

Nature has the answer to all our problems, big or small. You just need to know where to look. These products simplify that task for you by giving the right combinations in the right doses. All that’s left for you to do is load those carts!

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