5 Beauty Trends of 2019 to Leave Behind

5 Beauty Trends of 2019 to Leave Behind

Every turn of the calendar brings with itself an outpouring of new beauty styles and trends. Some of these attain cult status and continue to carry on, year after year, while others are such iconic fails that we look back at them with nothing but cringe in our hearts. In the spirit of ‘New Year, New You’, here are 5 such beauty trends of 2019 that you absolutely MUST leave behind: 

The Glitterati 

A little glitter in beauty products and makeup styles is nothing new. However, 2019 can be safely dubbed the year of glitterati – where makeup artists and social media influencers went insanely overboard with a glitter blow up. From glittery covered faces to hair and even armpits, we saw it all in the past year, and sincerely hope this trend gets consigned to the pages of history. Not only is it tacky but also bad for your skin and the environment.

Rainbow Hair 

A full spectrum of rainbow colours on the tresses became a raging trend this past year. From just a section of hair painted in VIBGYOR to sporting a full mop of hair in seven different colours, different renditions of this trend surfaced online. While it may be quirky and fun in the beginning, living with a style statement that outlandish can quickly get overbearing. Besides, think of the damage so much colour can do to your hair. 

Tooth Polish 

Nope, we’re not making this up. This was a legit trend in 2019. Beauty brand Chrom set the ball rolling on this one by releasing a metallic, glittery paint for the tooth and soon #toothpolish was taking the Insta-verse by a storm. One thing led to another, and soon there were all sorts of renditions of painted teeth, including some done up in rainbow colours. While oral hygiene has our unwavering support, this is taking it too far. 

Tooth Nail Art 

For reasons beyond our comprehension, people were walking around sporting nail art that transformed their nails into teeth for a better part of 2019, and thought it was cool too. In some cases, these teeth on nails also had a hint of cavities. Yikes! We beg to differ. Not only is it extremely unpleasant to look at, in all likelihood, it renders the hands pretty much unusable. 


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