4 Makeup Resolutions That You Can Easily Keep

4 Makeup resolutions that you can easily keep

Well, we all make resolutions first of January every year to break it the next day or if you are stronger willed then the next week. But here are some beauty resolutions that you can keep without getting all stressed out and forgetting the rules. So here it goes:

Resolution # 1: To glow and shimmer that makes most of my natural complexion

Dewy skin with a tad bit of shimmer looks seriously good. It is a fresh take on neutral makeup but with a hint of metal that’s all. The trick is to use shimmer or gold tones to enhance your natural skin tone. Use shimmer powder to create a clear complexion. This face and body illuminating technique works by deflecting light from the flaws. Apply a lightweight liquid foundation or BB cream on your face first then dab little shimmer powder on the cheekbones, forehead, and bridge of the nose to shine subtly. Pick up either a fine shimmer powder in pearl tones or pick a foundation or compact that comes with shimmer in it.

Resolution # 2: To ditch the dark lined lip look

To heighten your pout power, aim to enhance your lips natural shape. But do not do that by rimming your lips with a dark lip liner. Dark lip liners actually tend to thin down your lips. Use it as a lip colour instead. Use a nude liner to trace your lip’s natural shape and then fill in with a creamy lipstick in plum, strawberry, red wine, or earthy pink shades with gold flecks in them. Apply directly from the tube. A sensual take on the look is to apply the lip colour using your fingers to get a just been kissed finish.

The other easy to apply trick is to use a clear lip gloss over lips that have been filled in with a nude, pink or plum lip liner. You can fake the all natural look by using a creamy lipstick in a shade that mimics your natural skin tone. With the latest choices available in the market, you can even pick up the fruit flavoured lip stains or lip balms to create a less than perfect pout.

Resolution # 3: To get cheeks flushed with health

Create a vivid impact by glowing naturally with health. Flushed warm cheeks look inviting as well as invigorating. It seems to say that “I lead an active, healthy life”. To create the look use an earthy pink or plum cream or mousse blush to get a stain of colour on your cheeks. You can even use your sheer lip gloss or lip balm to get the effect. The look should be scaled down and deconstructed so avoid highlighting you cheekbones. Instead warm some cream blush between your finger and dot and blend over the apple of your cheeks where you would flush naturally. Blend so that the colour is barely there and finish off with a bit of shimmer powder or cream. Make sure to blend your blush downwards instead of going towards your temples.

 Resolution # 4: To have eyes that captivate

The eye makeup is both flirty and tender. The look is soft and clear with sheer colours, which is stylish and understated. Jewel toned shimmer shadows like emerald, amethyst, garnet and opal are the tints of the season. Avoid dark liners instead line your eyes with shimmer colour pencils and blend it in with your shadow on your lid. Finish off by defining your lashes using lash building mascara or lash lengthening mascara in dark brown or black. To get the smoky effect smudge your mascara at the roots near the outer corner of your eyes. You can even dab a glossy cream eye shadow using your finger over just over your lids till the crease. Highlight by applying some shimmer powder over your brow bone. To get a natural finish you can even try a beige cream shadow touched gold.