4 Grooming Tools That Will Help You Flaunt Those Flirty Dresses

Oh, the dilemma of either sacrificing a lazy Sunday afternoon on a salon appointment or having half your wardrobe rendered useless. With the right kind of self-grooming tools at your disposal, you no longer have to stash away those flirty dresses and sexy tops on account of unsightly hair growth:


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Philips Prestige Epilator
A wet and dry epilator with skin-smoothening properties, this is one of most premium self-grooming solutions in the market. The Philips Prestige Epilator comprises ceramic discs capable of high-speed rotations to help remove hair painlessly and effectively. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to navigate the epilator on even the trickiest regions. It is also equipped with discs that smoothens the skin surface before and after every shave. The water resistant cordless mechanism means it can double as a great exfoliation tool as well.

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Philips Body Grooming Series
If you are looking for more basic self-grooming tool at the lower end of the price spectrum, the Philips Body Grooming Series is definitely a worthy choice. This body groomer is battery-powered, which enhances its ease-of-use. The bi-directional trimmer cuts back on time needed to shave off hair. And the 3 mm comb attachments makes it fit to use on sensitive areas. From giving your arms and legs a smooth finish to shaving off the underarm regions, this can be your go-to choice for just about every self-grooming need.

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Syska BeautyMate Trimmer
This 4-in-1 trimmer set by Syska comprises four different attachments each designed to suit the skin texture and needs of different areas of the body as well as keeping hygiene concerns in mind. Each of these trimmer blades is meant for specific areas such as bikini line, eyebrows, finger hair and nasal hair. The Syska BeautyMate Trimmer is the perfect solution for advanced grooming needs.

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Vega Silky Lady Shaver
The Vega trimmer is another time-tested self-grooming product that has remained a popular for its ability to accord quick hassle-free and safe shave. A fine roller set in middle of two stainless steel blades pulls out the hair right from its roots. Eliminates those nasty ingrowns and gives you longer spells of smooth skin between shaves.

With the perfect tools at your disposal comes the freedom to flaunt your sense of style, uninhibited.

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