4 Brands That Will Give You A Good Hair Day Every Day

4 Brands That Will Give You A Good Hair Day Every Day

For some, hair care is as simple as washing with shampoos and conditioners and for the others it’s laden with oil massages, serums, hair masks, and lots more. Finding the right hair product or a trustworthy brand – irrespective of which of the above categories you fall into – can be a daunting task. You’re welcome to try out different permutations and combinations till you find the perfect match. Or you can make life easier by banking on our recommendations below. For we bet that these hair care brands and their products will give you a good hair day no matter what.

Organix (OGX)
OGX makes caring for your tresses fun with rare ingredient blends, cute and colourful packaging, delicious fragrances, and most importantly, effective formulas. The brand is about originality and understands perfectly that hair types go well beyond dry, normal, and oily or straight and curly. Exactly why they have a collection of hair care products for every kind of hair imaginable. Their shampoos, conditioners, mousses, oils, sprays, mists, serums, and other formulations are also made with a wide range of hair care needs in mind, providing varied benefits like all-day hold, colour enhancement, colour protection, curl enhancement, humidity resistance, lightweight hydration, moisturisation, repair, shine, smoothness, strength, and volume. OGX knows that not all ingredients work on all hair types and so, have formulas that are silicone-free, sulphate-free, and with UVA/UVB filters as well. Wanna fall in love with your hair over and over again? Give OGX a try.

Giovanni stands apart from the crowd with its natural formulas. The brand today is the #1 selling hair care line in the United States natural products industry. Giovanni erases the lines between natural and professional hair-care by offering chic yet natural alternatives to unimpressive haircare products. Their product lineup is replete not just with shampoos and conditioners, but also a plethora of gels, mousses, hair sprays, leave-in conditioners, vitamin hair treatments, and hair reconstructors, which help you create and flaunt unique hairstyles without having to rely on unnatural alternatives.

The brand, as evident from its name, is all about lending a luxurious touch to hair care. Their award-winning professional hair care line comprises fast-acting products, created by a team of hairstylists, to deliver outstanding results. From shampoos and conditioners to oil setting sprays and treatment masks, these formulations are infused with luxurious botanicals, precious oils and restorative proteins to condition, nourish and help return hair to its natural beauty. What’s more, they are celebrity-approved and come at attractive prices that fit your budget. Try RICH and you won’t ever need time-consuming and expensive in-salon treatments for picture-perfect hair.

A homegrown brand, BBlunt is a name that’s well-known for creating some of the most iconic hairstyles in Bollywood. Originally a salon chain, the brand diversified into hair care, prep, styling, and transformation products tailor-made to suit Indian hair and its specific needs. Wet and dry shampoos, conditioners, sprays, serums, leave-in creams and gels (not just for women, but men too!), hair extensions, temporary and permanent hair colours – name it and their lineup has it all. Want salon-like results at pocket-friendly prices? Bblunt’s the brand to try.

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