3 Ways To Get ‘No-Heat’ Beach Waves

wavy hair

Beach waves have been trending for quite some time now. Every time you meet someone with this hairstyle, does it tug your heart that you haven’t tried this style yet? We get it that your biggest fear could be subjecting your precious locks to the heat from curlers and irons. But what if we told you that you can get those beautiful, ‘oh-so-relaxed’ curls minus the heat? Yes, you read it right – here are three simple and easy-to-follow techniques that give your hair the soft curls that you’ve always been dying for.

Twisted curls
This technique is pretty simple and gives you lovely beach weaves overnight. Also, there are no rollers or pins that poke your head and make it difficult for you to sleep.

Wash your hair and let it air dry a bit, so that it still remains damp. Divide your hair into two equal sections (or more if you like stronger curls). Apply some curling cream/spray (this is optional). Pick up one section, and begin by twisting at the roots (twist your hair away from the face). Continue all the way till the ends, and gather this twisted section at the crown of your head. Secure using clips. Repeat this with the other section(s) till you are done. Leave your hair in this manner overnight. In the morning, remove the clips, run your finger gently through your locks, and voila!Your no-heat beach waves are ready! Set the style using a fine hairspray if you want your locks to stay intact for long.

hair braid

Braided waves
Ever imaged that one hairstyle can give you another if left untouched for long? Braids are favourite with women who like to keep their hair mess and frizz free, but this neatly gathered hairstyle can also give you beautiful wavy hair. Here’s how you can achieve it.

Damp your hair using water, and apply a volumising product like a hairspray. Part your hair into two sections down the center. Gather all hair in one section and start braiding it. The waves will begin from the height at which you start braiding. Also, the tighter the braid, the denser your curls will be. Braid your hair all the way to the ends and secure using an elastic band. Repeat this in the other section as well. Let your hair air dry completely. Once done, remove the bands and run your finger through your hair to tousle the locks. You are ready to rock your ‘just out of the beach’ look!

head band curls

Headband Curls
A headband isn’t just an accessory that keeps your strands in place. It is also a great tool that gives you those perfect curls within a few hours. Plus, this is one technique that works best for short hair, especially if you find it difficult to twist or braid the strands owing to the limited length.

Begin by applying a curl defining cream/spray for better hold and definition. Follow it with a fine texturising mist. Spray this on the ends to get a tousled look. Now brush your hair. Place a headband over your head. Separate your hair into small sections of 1-2 inch widths. Begin from right above your ear and wrap the gathered hair around the headband once. Continue making partitions and wrapping them around the band (from both sides), till you are left with a bunch of hair at the nape. Wrap this entire bunch around the accessory till there are no loose ends left. Leave this on for a couple of hours. Remove the headband and gently comb through using a wide-toothed comb to separate the locks. Use a little pomade to keep all unruly locks and fly away in place. The beautiful crimps are all yours to flaunt!

Are you all set to give your hair a wavy makeover? Let us know which technique you like the best!