3 Ways To Better Your Skin

3 ways to better skin

In the name of body care all you do is follow the wash and moisturize routine. It’s the easy path, but your plus 40 skin needs more what with slowdown in collagen and elastin production, and increasing dryness.

“The change in hormones, and drop in collagen production tends to make the skin very dry and sensitive. So now you need to add extra moisturiser and collagen building actives into your skin to give it all the help you can. You have to be extra gentle with your skin and go for a step-by-step approach,” says Dr Rashmi Shetty, Aesthetic Physician and Dermatologist, Ra’s Clinic, Mumbai and author of the book Age Erase. So your skin now needs little bit more attention – from top-to-toe.

So here’s a 3 easy to follow beauty routines that address your aging skin beauty woes without stressing you out.

Scrub your body
Dry flaky skin never does look good, and we tend to ignore the flakes that appear on your thighs, elbows, or knees, always trying to hide them under layers of clothing. Unless you remove those flakes even the best of body butters will not keep it soft and smooth. “The top dead layer of the skin often blocks the moisturizer to penetrate effectively into the skin. So weekly all over exfoliation of the body ensures that your arms, shoulders, back, legs look supple,” explains Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Skin Alive, New Delhi.

When you exfoliate your skin pay attention to elbows, knees and upper arms; use small, circular motions to rub the scrub. Do go along your bikini area and underarms as well —the scrub helps release ingrown hairs before you shave. Best results show on wet skin so get scrubbing after using your shower gel.

Slather on the butter
Many tend to not bother with this after-scrub must-do moisturising. But for seriously silky body, replenish moisture with a body lotion with both humectants that draw water into the skin – glycerine or hyaluronic acid; and moisture-sealing occlusives – such jojoba, argan oil, shea butter, cocoa butter. “Any good moisturizer depending upon the skin type should be used. Since the skin is more receptive to absorption after exfoliation, it is good to use mineral and vitamin rich creams,” says Dr Chhabra.
Try: Neutrogena Body Emulsion Daily Relief Lotion, Health&Glow Cocoa Body Butter, Nivea Oil-in-Lotion Argan Oil.

Do a body Mask
You are religious about firming and refreshing your face with a weekly once face mask routine, then extend that same care to your body. “Masks help tone the skin, and remove deep-seated impurities and dry flakes. It gives your skin an instant lift and freshness,” says Dr Simal Soin, Cosmetic Dermatologist, AAYNA Clinic, New Delhi. So apply your foot mask not just on your feet but all over your legs. Use an anti-tan pack to really get your legs and feet shining. For your back and neck, use your skin firming and brightening face mask to even out your complexion from face downwards. For your hands and arms use a basic anti-ageing face pack to firm and smoothen them. You can also make an all-over body mask by mixing multani powder with rose water and apply all over your face and body, and rinse off after 10 minutes.
Try: Lotus Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack, Aroma Magic Milk Pack, VLCC Pediglow Pedicure Set