3 Easy Eye Makeup By Our Beauty Experts

Eyes do the talking, more so now than ever when the rest of your face is masked and hidden from the universe. We bring you 3 easy eye makeup by our beauty experts that you can practice and master at home.

When In Doubt, Wing It Out!
The easiest way to glam up your everyday look is to don perfect wings. However, achieving perfectly drawn winged eyes is no easy feat. Hence no one ever asks a girl with winged eyeliner why she was late. However, we are willing to share the secret if you are willing to wing! Here’s how.

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Creating a perfectly winged look is no easy feat👁️✨. Well, here are some simple tricks from our amazing makeup artist @makeover_by_fd 😎 👉What you need: A deep black eyeliner gel and a thin eyeliner brush ♥️Step 1: Make 4-5 dots along your lash line. They are going to guide you while you make the line ❤️Step 2: Connect these dots gliding the brush from the inner to the outer corner of your eyes. Your basic line is created. ❤️Step 3: Start winging your eyeliner slowly and connect it with your lash line ❤️Step 5: Define the inner corner to add more drama ❤️Step 6: Apply mascara to complete the look Try this trick today, and let us know!✨ #wingedeyeliner #wingedeyelinertutorial #healthandglowbeauty #healthandglowonline #healthandglow

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It Takes Two To Tango
Ever envied those flawless eyeshadow looks that the celebrities flaunt? Be it a highly pigmented eyeshadow look or a subtle nude touch, know that sometimes the trick is to use not one, but two eyeshadows together. All you need to do is blend them perfect. It’s easier than you think.

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#MondayMotivation😍 Pick up those eyeshadows, and give yourself a nice, little touch of colour🔥 Prerana, our lovely Product Trainer, is teaching us how to blend eyeshadows like a pro👆 because sometimes blending more than one eyeshadows can be tricky😎 All you have to do is: 👉Step 1: Take a fluffy blending brush, and blend your first eyeshadow on the crease all over 👉Step 2: Use your ring finger to dab and blend the second eyeshadow, follow up with retouching the first one 👉Step 3: Apply kajal, use a small blending brush to smudge and blend it nicely 👉Step 4: Blend the kajal more, using a tiny bit of your first eyeshadow colour 👉Step 5: Finish your look by applying mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Apply 2-3 coats for more volume 👉Step 5: Take a little time to appreciate yourself and you're done! Try this method today and send your pictures tagging us on your story. Have fun!🤗 #blendingeyeshadow #eyeshadowhacks #healthandglow #healthandglowbeauty #healthandglowfightscorona #stayhomeslaycorona #easymakeuptutorial #makeupdiy

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Smoking Hot!
Bring on those black eyeliners and mascaras for no reason at all! If going out is not an option then make your own occasions. Drying your laundries out on the rooftop? Dress up. Taking out the trash? Put on makeup. Let this constant stay-at-home status quo not dull your desire to look good.

Try these easy eye makeup at home and see them transform your quarantine days like magic.

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