10 Lipsticks To Kick-Start 2019

10 Lipsticks To Kick-Start 2019

It’s still January and the feeling of change and newness very palpable. The New Year is the perfect excuse to embark upon a new beginning. Often times, a small change in your appearance can serve as a much-needed stimulant to act upon your big plans. We thought nothing would be a more befitting small yet pertinent change than toying with the colour you wear on your lips. That’s why we bring you 10 trending lipstick shades to experiment within 2019:


Oxblood Red
This tres chic shade that falls somewhere between plum, maroon and wine is a rich shade that’s perfect for winter and goes well with every skin tone.


A shade that emerged as quite a sensation in 2018 seems to be holding strong in 2019 too. From windy winter evening to warm sunny days, coral sits perfectly pretty on your lips.


Pumpkin Red
A diversion from a typical hue of orange and closer to brick red, Pumpkin Red is a warm and vibrant shade that is sure to make heads turn.


Classics are forever, and over the year, fuchsia has earned itself the status of such a classic. This sensual, vibrant shade is very much in vogue in 2019 too.


Giving the nude lips look a colourful twist is the taupe lipstick shade that is all the rage these days. This shade is pretty neutral but still gives an evident hint of colour.


If bold colours are your thing, violet is one sharp trending lipstick shade to add to your vanity kit. This is also a spectacular colour to sport if you love to play up the pout.


Golden Metallic
Hear, hear, all your girls who love a little sparkle, golden metallic is a trending lip colour this year. Almost all popular makeup brands are rolling out their own version of this colour, so you stand totally spoilt for choice.

Dual Toned
Why stop at one when you rock two! The next time you can’t choose between two favourite shades, wear ‘em both. Pink and red, orange and pink, orange and red are some popular dual toned combinations, but you can totally let your imagination loose here.


If pinks and reds are not your colours but you don’t fancy a typical brown either, you are sure to fall in love with the trend of hazelnut lips. Soft, close to nude but with a brown base, this lipstick shade is all sorts of elegant.

No Lipstick Effect
Done with soft baby pink, this lipstick trend is all about giving a natural colour effect to the lips. Apply a pink matte lipstick and dab it with a tissue to you get the look of naturally pink lips.


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